Do it Together!

If you’re interested in custom wheels but want to get hands-on, and you’re local to Oakland or looking for a reason to visit the Bay Area, get in touch about scheduling a one-on-one wheel-building workshop!

Ready to get Started?

I love sharing my skills, and the process is not as mystical as we wheel builders like to make it seem. 

We’ll build your wheelset together; I’ll make you build the rear wheel since it’s usually a little trickier while I demonstrate the technique on the front wheel.  When we’re finished, you’ll have a much deeper understanding of how the wheel works and a better idea of how to maintain it over time or fix it if anything goes wrong on a ride. 

Plus, it’s always so satisfying to make something by hand!

A man with a dynamo hub covering his face with the spokes of a bicycle wheel going out in all directions.



Get a new wheel and build it yourself in a one-on-one wheel building workshop!