Why custom wheels?

Robots make decent wheels. Humans make better ones.

Wheelbuilding machines have made bike wheels so much more affordable. But the best factory-built wheels are still touched up by hand by an experienced wheelbuilder. The very best wheels are built by hand from start to finish. 

Yes human-built wheels cost more, but that’s because they’re better. 

Building by hand, I can feel when a spoke is twisting rather than tightening and rebalance the tension. I have complete control of the wheel-building process, so I’m able to achieve and maintain a higher level of precision than a machine designed to churn out as many wheels as possible as quickly as possible.

I Stand Behind My Work

I’m a human person, who stands behind his work. I have a database of every wheel I’ve ever built so I can track its performance and improve my technique.  

If you have a problem with a wheel I built, I will fix it for free. 

There are some amazing wheelbuilding machines out there, try typing “wheelbuilding machine” into youtube if you like watching robots, and together with big advances in spoke quality, they’ve made high quality wheels extremely affordable. 

Beautifully Built

In Color